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2021 Scholarship Testimonials

Creating an impact by providing financial assistance to graduating Fayette County high school seniors.

Joe & Carolyn Bailey Scholarship Recipients

Joe Bailey said,"We decided to create our scholarships for Flatonia High School Seniors to help some of these individuals further their opportunities, through higher education or trade schools, to become more productive citizens of Fayette County and the State of Texas."

Julie Ramirez | Flatonia High School

My first semester has been full with a few ups and downs but mainly great things! As of right now I am apart of the Habitat for Humanity club and I am also part of Texas Lutheran’s First Generation program. I have also done community service with TLU on their H.O.T. Dogs day like helping the city workers of Seguin paint the community baseball field fence. As part of TLU’s first generation program, I was able to get my first generation pin and attend multiple events to be able to receive my first generation stole for graduation.

These scholarship funds have helped me tremendously this semester and eased a lot of stress on my family and I. Ever since I moved to college my father’s job has been very slow and is only working 8 hours each day which has been stressful with no overtime. Recently my grandfather had gotten really sick so my family had to on top of making ends meet had to send money to help my grandfather get treatment in Mexico. Unfortunately he ended up passing away and my father had to help tremendously with the funeral expenses since not all my family in Mexico isn’t able to help as much and also had to miss work to attend these services and support my grandmother. With these funds it allowed my family to help as much as they could for funeral expenses since we knew I was fortunate enough to get this great scholarship from these donors.

I just want to say another big thank you so much for picking me as one of the recipients of this scholarship. It really has made a big impact on my tuition and helped my family out. I hope everyone is doing well and has a great holiday!

Best Regards,

Julie Ramirez

Desteni Ramirez | Flatonia High School

I was able to pay for everything my first semester of college without raising my wallet, which is a blessing! I have used my scholarship funds to pay tuition, books, and any other college expenses that’s unpredictably appeared. I also used some funds to continue to put my daughter through daycare while I’m at school, along with diapers and whatever I needed. I really do appreciate the money I received from y’all and hope to continue a relationship with you as my spring semester approaches.

With Love,

Desteni Ramirez

Izick Hernandez | Flatonia High School

I have had a good transition from high school to college. My Scholarship money has gone straight into tuition, and I would grateful accept being brought back as a recipient next year, it would be very beneficial as I go home on weekends to work to pay off school and my mom works a job of her own and has 4 other sons to look after. This semester I was part of the football team, First Generation students program, and also the Society of Physics Students Program, I plan on staying with these 4 programs all throughout college. I have been doing well in my classes so far that consist of Pre-calaculus, Introduction to Engineering, Chemistry 1, and two freshman courses. I am gearing up for finals at the moment as they start Saturday.

Thank you,

Izick Hernandez Applied Physics Major TLU 25’

Suzy Romberg Scholarship Recipient

Erika Ruiz | Flatonia High School

Now that the semester is over I wanted to reach out and say thank you to Fayette Community Foundation and Mr Romberg. The Suzy Romberg Scholarship fund awarded to me this year has helped me tremendously. For my first semester of college I needed to buy a couple of books for English, Biology, and Psychology. Not only was I able to use the scholarship money to purchase the books, but I also used it to pay for a couple of online websites that were mandatory for Biology and Psychology. Those websites allowed me to study more efficiently with the vast amount of material each website contained. I could not have done it without the help of my scholarship.

Once again, thank you for all your support! Please send my thanks to Mr Romberg as well!

Best Regards,

Erika Ruiz



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