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South Central Texas

Rural Philanthropy


Jonathan Blum | Risk Management

This session will cover various risk management issues and techniques specific to nonprofits with a goal to have a holistic view of nonprofit risk.


Millicent Boykin | Volunteer Workforce

This session will cover how to cultivate the talent you need, build a mission-focused volunteer workforce and how to position current volunteers as brand ambassadors to grow your program, meet organizational goals, and advance your mission.


Brooke Garcia | Budgeting

This session will start the conversation on how to ensure your budget accurately reflects and quantifies your organizational strategy.


Dr. Eileen Piwetz | Grant Writing

This session will cover basic grantwriting skills including prospect research and the development of a Case Statement that can be utilized to attract individuals, foundations and corporations to your agency’s mission/ project.


Jerry Herring | Board Development

This session will cover insights on forming a governing board of directors, what to ask when being recruited to serve on a board, discuss the different types of boards and the dynamics, and individual responsibilities.


Bridget Brandt | Donor Development & Marketing

This session will cover how to highlight donor development, thank donors in a meaningful and effective way to ensure future contributions, marketing strategy, how to implement high-powered fundraising, understand the mechanics of fundraising, how to fundraise to your audience, create successful fundraising events, and how to measure and report success.


Kathy Ploch | Understanding Your 990

This session will cover how to read and evaluate the Form 990. Funding sources and the public determines that the Form 990 has more significant information than just the numbers.


Funders Directory

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Contact List

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Speakers to be Announced

November 3, 2023

8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Randolph Recreation Center

La Grange, Tx

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