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Help From One Flooded Town To Another

Five years ago, rains from Hurricane Harvey raised the Colorado River more than fifty feet, flooding La Grange and destroying hundreds of homes.

People around the country saw the devastation in Fayette County and they responded. They sent truckloads of water, boxes of new clothes and pallets of building materials. Most importantly, they sent money, and that money was turned first into relief and then renewal.

We received so much five years ago. And it made such a difference. Now it is time to give back.

Communities throughout the mountains of Eastern Kentucky have been destroyed by floods. These are towns much like ours – rural communities with long histories and strong families, far from any city center. Floodwaters have smashed homes, inundated downtowns, wrecked water and sewage systems, ruined roads and bridges. And the rampaging waters have killed at least 37 people.

These communities need our help.

Through an anonymous local donor, the Fayette Community Foundation has established a special designated fund to raise money for flooded Eastern Kentucky counties. The money will go to the Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS), which has deep ties to these Kentucky mountain communities.

Fayette Countians will remember that the MDS was one of the first groups to arrive here after the flood – leaving only after the Hope Hill subdivision opened, years after the hurricane.

The Mennonite Disaster Service did heroic work here and, with our help, will do the same in Eastern Kentucky. Donations to this fund will be matched up to $10,000. If you give $20 to the fund, $40 will be sent to Kentucky.

To donate, visit or send a check directly to Fayette Community Foundation at PO Box 664, La Grange, TX, 78945. If you have questions, call the Fayette Community Foundation at 512-791-7096.



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