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A five-year-old's drawing, featuring a red door, becomes a symbol of comfort for her grieving aunt after her husband's suicide. The red door, symbolizing invitation and protection across cultures, inspires a call to be a "Red Door" for those facing mental health struggles. This led to the creation of The Red Door Fund for Mental Health in 2021 by Cheryl Pekar in collaboration with the Fayette Community Foundation. The fund aims to provide resources and support for mental health in rural areas. In 2022, it raised $17,840, invested $10,850 in mental health awareness, and inspired over 60,000 individuals. With $63,000 raised for 2023, the campaign continues to expand mental health services and programs in the region.

The Fayette Community Foundation, driven by community input, strategically plans for long-term outcomes and addresses immediate needs. Following a 2021 needs assessment that led to The Red Door Fund for Mental Health, their second initiative is The Green Door Fund, focusing on local workforce development and education. The fund aims to support economic security and educational advancement for local students and professionals by investing in organizations and programs that enhance workforce skills and knowledge in the rural region.

The Fayette Community Foundation (FCF) is set to launch the Rural Community Health Fund in Spring 2024, partnering with the St. David's Foundation. This grassroots program aims to address health equity in Central Texas, specifically in Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays, and East Williamson County. The fund seeks to break traditional philanthropy barriers and provide resources to individuals, organizations, and groups addressing critical health needs in these rural areas. A rural advisory council, featuring a diverse team, will guide the fund's investment to ensure inclusivity and representation. The initiative focuses on addressing disparities in rural BIPOC communities, emphasizing community-led and community-driven efforts to make a positive impact.

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