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2021 Community Impact Grantee

The Boys & Girls Club of Champion Valley

In November of 2021, the Boys & Girls Club of Champion Valley was awarded the Community Impact Grant from The Fayette Community Foundation. This grant helped fund their Project Learn and Power Hour.

Power Hour is part of the Project Learn program at the Boys & Girls Club, which was developed to reinforce and enhance any skills and knowledge young people learn at school during the hours they spend at the Boys & Girls Club.

Power Hour is our main focus for our after-school program. It’s a 45-minute or 1-hour session that is solely dedicated to tutoring, reading, and completion of homework. If allowed by the parent, the Boys & Girls Club educator can also work one-on-one with teachers to develop a plan to work with specific students on subjects they’re struggling with.

Executive Director, Abby Torres Janak, says, “We secretly sneak more learning in at the club by including more exercises and strategies that are fun, but useful!”

In early 2022, Executive Director, Susannah Mikulin, visited The Boys & Girls Club of Champion Valley to attend Project Learn and Power Hour.

After visiting and seeing the work the Boys & Girls Club is providing to the students, Mikulin said, “FCF is so proud to be a funding partner of Boys and Girls Club. The work of this organization is so important to our community and we continue to be impressed with the positive impact they make in the lives of local students on a daily basis!”

Janak also went on to say, “This grant has helped us provide more homework essentials to our club members in the form of pencils, pens, notebook paper, folders, and binders. Many of the items that seem like normal everyday items tend to run low towards the end of the school year, but we’ve been able to keep our club members going and will continue to do so until the Summer session starts!”

The Fayette Community Foundation is thrilled about this opportunity in helping students learn and developmentally grow. If you are interested in our Community Impact Grant and helping fund local projects and programs please visit the Community Impact page on our website. Join in the movement with other caring individuals and organizations in our community whose gifts will continue to give for years to come!



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