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Rural Philanthropy Day Plans to Bring Education and Networking to our Rural Nonprofits

Our local nonprofits do great things for our community although at the same time, they need access to information and resources to help them lead quality organizations and maintain their impact. To meet this need, the Fayette Community Foundation has partnered with the Stanzel Family Foundation to bring “Rural Philanthropy Day” on November 4, 2022. Held at Blinn College, Schulenburg Campus, this professional development conference aims to provide the education our local nonprofits require to raise their internal capacity, making them more effective and ultimately more sustainable as they become more successful.

Rural Philanthropy Day is a one-of-a-kind event designed to build the capacity of our local nonprofits and strengthen their relationships with funders in our rural area. No longer will these organizations have to spend hundreds of dollars to attend professional development conferences miles out of town, an expense many cannot afford. This conference seeks to bring highly requested education locally while ensuring it is affordable for nonprofits in our rural area. Nonprofit staff and board members alike are invited to attend and be provided with helpful information, education, and ideas to build internal capacities in various areas including governance, fundraising, operations, volunteers, grant writing, and marketing.

The success of Rural Philanthropy Day goes well beyond this one-day event. The growth of our nonprofits through education and connection to local funders is instrumental to the health and well-being of our rural communities. This event aims to raise the philanthropic impact in this rural region by connecting regional funders with local programs, projects, and organizations, to purposely learn more and meet the people leading them. Funders from all over the state, including foundations, corporations, banks, and individuals will be invited to participate in the afternoon round-table sessions. This opportunity allows funders to learn from local nonprofits and discuss solutions to the unique challenges facing our rural communities.

This event is designed, organized, and planned by community leaders from our rural region. The three community leaders are Cheryl Pekar, Stanzel Family Foundation, Reenie Collins, FCF Board Member, and Craig Moreau, Fayette County Official. All local nonprofit staff, board members, and volunteers are welcome to register for Rural Philanthropy Day. For more information on how to register or sponsor this impactful event, please visit the event page on or email Susannah at .

If you would like to register for Rural Philanthropy Day, please click here.

About Fayette Community Foundation

The mission of the Fayette Community Foundation is to build stronger, safer, and more vibrant communities by providing a bridge that connects caring philanthropists to those in need.

About Stanzel Family Foundation

Our mission is to encourage and support an educated and healthy community. Our Vision is to be active partners in community education and health, empowering generations of engaged citizen philanthropists.



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