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Fayette Community Foundation Awards $33,000 in Scholarships to Local Students

(Pictured are all FCF Scholarship recipients; Front Row L-R: Gerald Rodriguez, Rosendo Gonzalez, Destini Ramirez & daughter Rae, Deja Schaefer, Kambri Mihatsch; Back Row L-R: Madison Brooks, Emily Guerrero, Julie Ramirez, Caden Mares, Juan Carlos Olivares, Annie Charanza, Trista Alvarado, Jennifer Mendiola, Izick Hernandez, Cristian Cruz; Not pictured: Erika Ruiz, Kaitlyn Witt, Jerika Kraemer)

The Fayette Community Foundation (FCF) hosted its annual Scholarship Reception on Sunday, May 22nd at Celebrations by Bistro 108 Events and Catering in La Grange. Over $33,000 was awarded to 18 Fayette County students through three different scholarship funds held within the Foundation. In addition to funding 13 local High School Seniors, the Foundation recognized the need for college students to continue receiving funding after their first year. To alleviate this issue, the Foundation worked with the Joe and Carolyn Bailey Scholarship Fund and Suzy Romberg Scholarship Fund to administer renewed funding to their five 2021 recipients. The afternoon reception celebrated the achievements of local high school graduates and former recipients while providing an opportunity for awarded students and their families to meet the FCF Board, scholarship donors, and fund representatives who make their scholarships possible.

Since being established in 2001, Fayette Community Foundation has provided annual scholarships to a graduating senior who intends to further their education and training beyond their high school degree at an accredited university, college, or trade school. In addition, FCF assists local philanthropists in establishing charitable funds, such as the Joe and Carolyn Bailey Scholarship Fund and Suzy Romberg Scholarship Fund, under the organization’s umbrella based on the donor’s vision to make a positive impact. Flatonia resident Joe Bailey further explained his motivation behind working with FCF to establish a scholarship fund: “We decided to create our scholarships for Flatonia High School Seniors to help some of these individuals further their opportunities, through higher education or trade schools, to become more productive citizens of Fayette County and the State of Texas.”

Susannah Mikulin, FCF Executive Director, reflected on the inspirational reception by saying, “As a community foundation, our scholarships truly exemplify what can happen when members of your hometown believe in you and your future. FCF gathers supportive donations from the members of our rural region with one goal- to pass it on to our local students in hopes of bettering their lives, and thus, bettering the future of our community. It is important to note that while the students we awarded come from different high schools, there is one common thread- they have all overcome obstacles to get to where they are today. Priority for our scholarships are given to students not in the top ten percent of their class but excluded no applicant. Instead, we focus on students we know to have the grit and determination to pursue and achieve your goals. We feel honored to be one step on their journey to the top.”

To learn more about Fayette Community Foundation, contributing to these current funds, or establishing your own scholarship fund for local students, please contact: or connect with the Foundation via Facebook.

(Pictured are the 2021 Joe & Carolyn Bailey Scholarship Cohort; L-R: Julie Ramirez, Desteni Ramirez, Izick Hernandez, Emily Guerrero)

(Pictured are the 2022 Joe & Carolyn Bailey Scholarship cohort; L-R: Deja Schaefer, Jennifer Mendiola, Cristian Cruz, Trista Alvarado)

(Pictured are the 2022 Suzy Romberg Scholarship recipient, Juan Carlos Olivares; Not pictured 2021 recipient, Erika Ruiz)

(Pictured are the 2022 FCF Scholarship recipients; Front Row L-R: Rosendo Gonzalez, Annie Charanza, Kambri Mihatsch; Back Row L-R: Jerika Kraemer, Caden Mares, Gerald Rodriguez, Madison Brooks; Not pictured: Kaitlyn Witt)



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